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Niki Denton
John Fera
The former Niki Watson was somewhat of a child prodigy - a natural born singer (not really Oliver Stone material, but that's ok). After winning the Jimmie Rodgers Talent Contest at age 12 (the adult bracket!), she went on to perform in several local plays and sing with bands. She has been a member of Speed Zone, Groove Unit, GTO Soul Review, Niki Watson Trio, and others. Niki is married to Jeff Denton, and they have two daughters. Her day job is at Pain Management Center where she is a nurse. But never has anyone told her to keep the day job. Yeah, her voice is that good. Boom.
John grew up in Niagara Falls, NY and started on guitar at age 12. After years of playing rock, top 40, country, and R&B he moved his engineering career to Meridian in '91 to design music gear (at Peavey) instead of printers. He has played with Great Divide, Dirty Dogs, Niki Watson Trio, Counterfeit, Chicken Head Mic (got to jam with Steve Cropper!), and currently plays with JJ Hat Trick and The Blues Messengers - in addition to the praise band at PSD United Methodist. In 2003, he contributed a song to a Meridian compilation CD. John has two sons who play drums/percussion and bass/trumpet, and who sometimes help as roadies (thanks, guys).